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“I would like to thank all the doctor’s assistants and nurses at IPPMC. They have helped me out the most of any different medical places I have been for my pain. They have done the best job explaining and treating my pain after a 19 year period. The best place I ever went for my pain management. I would suggest anybody come here and try it if you are dealing with pain. Thank you IPPMC.”
— Mark


" I have been really happy with the team at interventional Pain and Physical Medicine Clinic. I went and saw other doctors, including pain doctors, for my pain. I was told after treatment that I would have to live with my pain. I decided to pursue additional assistance, since I was not satisfied with my pain control. I found Dr. Kowalkowski through one of his patients. Since I have been treated here, I have been real happy. I can now get along with a pretty normal life since I have reduced back pain."


"Dr. Kowalkowski treats the source of my pain, not just the symptoms. Even though there is no cure for my pain, I feel better knowing that when it flares up and restricts my activities, I can see Dr. Kowalkowski to get the relief I need. After treatments, I am able to do most activities without using prescription pain killers. Thank you, Dr. Kowalkowski! "


" I have been dealing with back and leg pain for 2-3 years. It affected my ability to walk, climb stairs and activities of daily living. After trying every route, I came to Dr. K. I give Dr. K credit for finding out that I had an aortic stenosis that needed surgery. If this had been over looked I may have had deadly consequences. Since having treatment for my back and abdominal stenosis my quality of life has increased immensely. Every time I have a pain I know Dr. K is going to find out what is the basis of the problem."


"It was the only place that helped me after twelve years of pain. Previous to my visit at the Interventional Pain & Physical Medicine Clinic, I had been to multiple clinics and received surgery and multiple therapies with minimal benefit. I am now able to enjoy a better quality of life."


"I have been to other clinics and they did nothing to treat my pain and symptoms. He listened and found the source of my pain. It has allowed me to return to normal activity."


"I speak very highly of the clinic and staff. They are caring, concerned and friendly. I would recommend it to any one."


"I never thought that I would feel this good. I had neck pain for the last 15 years. The staff at IPPMC is great they treated me like a friend. My treatment has been excellent and the results of my treatment had turned me around."


"I have had pain for greater then two years that restricted my inability to walk. After my care at Interventional Pain & Physical Medicine Clinic I am able to walk without pain. They have been very helpful."


"My treatment at Interventional Pain & Physical Medicine Clinic has helped me improve my performance at work. I am able to perform physical tasks. In other words I don't feel as old."


Before meeting Dr. Kowalkowski at Interventional Pain & Physical Medicine Clinic, I was unable to attend my college classes, leave my house, or interact with my friends because of facial pain. I had seen multiple doctors in the St. Cloud and Minneapolis area including the Mayo Clinic for evaluation no one was able to help me. Dr. Kowalkowski was able to significantly reduce my pain and this has allowed me to function in society."

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