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“I would like to thank all the doctor’s assistants and nurses at IPPMC. They have helped me out the most of any different medical places I have been for my pain. They have done the best job explaining and treating my pain after a 19 year period. The best place I ever went for my pain management. I would suggest anybody come here and try it if you are dealing with pain. Thank you IPPMC.”
— Mark


"I came to see Dr. Kowalkowski for my chronic TMJ pain that I have had for 15 years. On my initial evaluation he noticed an atypical mole on my right forearm which I followed up on and found out it was a malignant melanoma in which I had surgery. If I had not had this treated this would have been terminal. I have also had 50% improvement in my TMJ after my treatment."


"I have been hurting for two years in what I thought was my lower back, I was evaluated by an anesthesiology pain doctor which all I received was multiple spinal injections, receiving more than one on the same day, in which it did not help. I still owe thousands of dollars in payments because of the expensive treatment.

During this time I became addicted to Percocet which I was taking up to 150 mg of Percocet a day. The anesthesiologist referred me to his colleague, a neurosurgeon, who offered me an extensive multilevel fusion for my scoliosis. I got tired of being on Percocet because I was talking care of my family and four kids and was seen by Interventional Pain and Physical Medicine.

The psychologist referred me to Dr. Kowalkowski and after one visit I underwent an extensive evaluation in which he told me that my pain was not coming from my lower back at all, but rather my piriformis in my buttock region compensating for my scoliosis. I did not think he was right after having been treated by multiple doctors and being prescribed high dose opiods. After my treatment with Dr. Kowalkowski for my symptoms, I can say I am 75% improved. I have been able to discontinue taking Percocet and he is helping me with me maintenance program.
I hope that I continue to feel this well."


"I have been dealing with neck and shoulder pain since 1995, which affected my ability to drive my car, to sleep at night, and perform my general movements. I tried different things like physical therapy, pain medication, it was not until I had an MRI that I realized that I was dealing with a chronic problem in which there was no cure. I was referred to IPPMC to discuss my pain problems. I received a combination of interventional treatments with Dr. Kowalkowski. Eight months later it has been an amazing improvement. I am now able to turn my head when I back out of my driveway. I am also sleeping better."


"I have had shoulder and neck pain since 2002. I have received countless treatments and many different therapies including medications. I received treatment with orthopedic surgery, neurology, and acupuncture. I underwent steroid dose treatments. I underwent a MRI and EMG. There was an assumption that I may have had a suprascapular nerve injury.I have been in constant pain since 2002. Since presenting to IPPMC my symptoms have improved by 50%. I am now able to sleep. I have not been able to sleep more than four hours previous to these treatments without pain. I can do household tasks in much less time now. By profession I am a teacher. I am now able to write on a chalkboard without help. I have a goal of playing the violin again. I am very pleased and very happy with the care I have received at IPPMC! The staff is outstanding!"


"I was sliding with my children and I went “head over heels” in which I separated my left shoulder and injured my lower back. I was seen by Orthopedics and I was given an injection, but my pain returned. This was repeated and it still did not help. My father was being seen as IPPMC in which he suggested I come and see Dr. Kowalkowski because he had positive results. After a few visits with Dr. Kowalkowski I received a left AC joint radiofrequency as well as treatment for my lower back. I can say I had 100% improvement in my pain as well as return back to normal function. It has been wonderful! It is a nice clinic and I felt at home. They took good care of me."


"I moved to Minnesota from Mississippi. All they ever did in my previous care was medicate me with high doses of opioids. Since I began seeing Dr. Kowalkowski at IPPMC it has made a total difference. He has been able to reduce my pain significantly. I did my spinal cord stimulator that helped reduce my back and foot pain. It wasn’t for the team at IPPMC I don’t know if I would be here still."


"Since coming to IPPMC I can say that I have more energy, I am more flexible, and I don’t have pain anymore! I am enjoying my therapy and I never liked therapy before. They have helped me to be motivated and I look forward to every session. The machines are awesome. The therapy team is great!"


"After I had my son, I experienced constant ongoing back pain. I have tried chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy and nothing improved my symptoms. I lived with my pain for three years. I also had weight gain and stress. I was unable to perform my daily routine. I was sent to IPPMC from my primary care physician and I can say after one visit, and receiving a fluoroscopic guide injection of my spine, that I was 100% improved. It is crazy!"


"I was running heavy equipment and I quit my job because of my lower back problems. I could not do a whole lot. I could not play with my kids or do work around the house because of my back pain. I was evaluated and treated the same day at IPPMC by Dr. Kowalkowski and I can say I had 100% improvement of my lower back pain over the last half year. I have been able to return to work full-time where I am an operator at a plastic company. I am very happy with everything they have done."


"On April 1, 2000 I had a car accident. I have had severe neck and back pain ever since. I have tried many chiropractors, different forms of therapy, and other pain clinics which actually made my symptoms worse. My social life and life overall was affected on a daily basis due to my chronic pain, including affecting my personal relationships which resulted in depression and anxiety. After being referred to IPPMC I call it a miracle. I can wear shoes with heels for the first time in nine years. I would develop severe migraines previous to this if I wore heels. I am very grateful to the tem of IPPMC."

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