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“I would like to thank all the doctor’s assistants and nurses at IPPMC. They have helped me out the most of any different medical places I have been for my pain. They have done the best job explaining and treating my pain after a 19 year period. The best place I ever went for my pain management. I would suggest anybody come here and try it if you are dealing with pain. Thank you IPPMC.”
— Mark

David J.

"I have been performing heavy lifting and welding the majority of my life. I have done extensive lifting including farm work, construction, and the accumulation of use of my lower back had resulted in considerable pain. It got to the point that I could not sit, stand, or work. After coming to IPPMC, just one visit, I can say I have not felt this good in 20 years. Thanks for the help."


"I am doing very well after I got treated at IPPMC for a compression fracture of my thoracic spine. Dr. Kowalkowski performed a vertebroplasty at T8. I feel great. Sally's daughter states prior to her mother's treatment, her pain was so great that she was confused so much of time and that is completely gone now."


"I have had lower back pain off and on for 10 years. I was seen by neurosurgery, chiropractors, I underwent spinal injections, but continued to have pain. My pain was as worse as ever had been, in which it was suggested I go to IPPMC for treatment for my back. Within a short time period, I can say that I am pretty much pain free. I am able to function normally. I think everybody has been great to work with at IPPMC. "


"I have had headaches practically my whole life. I was having these headache daily. The headaches made me miserable. It is such a blessing not to have a deal with the constant pain. I did not know that I could get help for my pain.  My first treatment at IPPMC in which I received a spinal injection to my neck and rehabilitation, I have had only one headache since this treatment. It really is a blessing."


"I came in here with a lot of pain in my neck. I have had neck pain for almost 30 years. Not as bad as it has currently had been. I was able to get a fluoroscopic guided injection and start rehabilitation at IPPMC. Currently I am 100% improved. I am glad I found this place and the doctor."


"I was suffering every day.  I was miserable because of the pain.  I was very unhappy and grumpy and mean to people for no reason.  I was hating everybody because of how my pain was affecting me.  I felt like I was being tortured.  Since I have started treatments at IPPMC, I am having much less pain and better quality of life.  This is working and for people that do not think it works, you have to stick with it including the procedures and the process. "


"I had right groin pain for four years after a hernia operation.  I told it would take four years for the mesh work to settle in.  I was unable to carry objects against my abdomen and I had difficulty putting pressure doing activities in the kitchen.  After I had a cryotherapy treatment to the nerve at IPPMC I can say I had 100% relief which has lasted over a year. "


"I came to IPPMC because I could no longer get pain medication from my doctor.  In order to do something with my pain I had to come here or go cold turkey.  In other words, I wanted to get off the medications because I know that they are not good for you and I did not want to get addicted.  My left foot pain was affecting my ability to work as well as my right shoulder pain.  After coming for treatments, they were excellent.  I have very little pain left and I am no longer on pain medication.  I would like other people to know that there is help out there besides taking drugs. "


"I have been living with neck and back pain for approximately a four year duration. I was involved in a life changing motor vehicle accident, in which I lost my husband. After this event, I had significant neck and back pain. I was having difficulty performing my daily life activities and was attempting to take care of my children. I was treated by chiropractors, neurologist, and orthopedic physicians. These treatments got me through my day to day activities. But it did not help me. I was referred to IPPMC from my gynecologist and I came here to find pain relief. After two treatments I am significantly better. I now want to do things again such as golfing, rollerblading, biking, tennis and anything that I could do before. I am really excited."


"I have had a lot of back pain for the last forty years including a laminectomy at my lower back, as well as T3 through T5 and T8 through T1 microdiscectomy and neck surgery. On my last surgery I was told that there was no other surgery that would help me. I started taking opioids in which I escalated my use over a seven year period and it was not doing a whole lot of good. This led me into depression and I was basically on my back for two to three years. My quality of life was horrible. I was referred to IPPMC, Dr. Kowalkowski, from my neurosurgeon. I was placed on a Suboxone program. I am no longer taking opioids and it instantly turned me around as far as my depression. Since I had my spinal cord stimulator placed, I am 100% improved. I have not felt this good in 20 years."

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