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“I would like to thank all the doctor’s assistants and nurses at IPPMC. They have helped me out the most of any different medical places I have been for my pain. They have done the best job explaining and treating my pain after a 19 year period. The best place I ever went for my pain management. I would suggest anybody come here and try it if you are dealing with pain. Thank you IPPMC.”
— Mark

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is utilized in conjunction with other treatments to help restore mobility and function and to reduce pain. The physical therapist works with the patient using various exercises and modalities designed to improve the patient's condition. Modalities include electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, and manual therapy, among others.


What are the benefits of physical therapy?

Physical therapy can provide pain reduction, prevent further injury, and increase strength, motion and function.


What types of exercises are usually required?

Exercise is any physical activity that is planned, purposeful, and structured. It includes aerobic, anaerobic, isometric, isotonic, stretching, relaxation, passive movement. Aerobic exercises involved the utilization of large amount of oxygen. Repetitive movements of major muscle groups such as in walking, running, swimming are common forms of aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise typically requires less oxygen consumption. Isotonic exercise involves contraction which moves a body part. Isometric exercise involves contraction that does not result in movement of the body part. A careful evaluation by a physician and physical therapist is necessary in designing the optimal exercise program for the patient.


What is required of a physical therapy patient?

In order to get the full benefit of physical therapy, it is important patient is compliant in attending sessions as well as doing home exercises instructed by the therapist.


Will the treatment hurt?

Sometimes the patient may experience increased pain or soreness after the initial evaluation because specific movements are being tested. This is important in helping to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. At times, patients may be sore after certain specific exercises or manual therapy (deep tissue work).

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